Screening “A B C” & “A Normal Day”

It’s our pleasure to host a screening session for  the movies: “A B C”, and “A Normal Day”. The two movies picture the lives of Egyptian school teachers and students. The event will hosted with “Egypt’s Reneisance. There will be a follow-up discussion with Shireen Talaat, A B C director, about the movies, the state of education in Egypt, and how to improve it. This is a good chance for presenting chances and ideas for educational start-ups and projects aiming at improving Egyptian education.

About the movies:

A B C is a 20-min documentary, directed by Shireen Talaat. It explores the status of teachers under the current Egyptian education system, along with the abuses and assaults they deal with from students and families. A B C  discusses the crowdedness of Egyptian classrooms, and how our society thinkk they’re inferior.

A Normal Day is a 25-minute documentary. It discusses the students’ suffering inside classrooms and the physical abuse they face. That’s why the movie is called “A Normal Day”. It has become normal for a child to be hit and shamed under this corrupt educational system.

Both Movies have been nominated internationally in a number of festivals. They have been two candles inviting us to fix the Egyptian education system, one that has been corrupt even after the 25th of January.

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