Networking in Education

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Networking in Education

In Partnership with Qalb Kabeer NGO,Education Sqaure is arranging Networking in Education to meet the initiatives and NGOs that are targeting the children and young people from the age of 4 to 18 in addition to individuals interested in education and/ or civil society.

The initiatives and NGOs that would attend the event are ADEF, ALwan We Awtar, Karakeeb, Reslaet Nour Ala Nour, Riada, Educate Me, Ihyaa Academy, Wonderlearn, Logic Club, Nile River School, CARE, Safarni, Sekem, Fakkar Bel Alwan, Karitas, Free Schools Egypt, Community School in Mansheyyet Naser, Waqe Tani, Beni, Befham, Wateneyya, Mido in the world of letters, Mini Mediina, Adli Rizkallah, Man Ahayaha, and Elcinema Elgawwala.

The purpose of this event is to know the needs of the initiatives and NGOs. We will think Together how to satistfy these needs and this will be by brainstorming all day, moreover, events will help Education Square to determine the objectives and acitvies during the next months.



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