Movie Screening: No School for Children

A documentary Shot in Cairo and Berlin in 2013, deals with the day-to-day reality of school education in Egypt and Germany. It documents the everyday experiences at school of the two young girls Yasmin and Lisa, who live in Egypt and Germany respectively. In doing so, the documentary discovers the different worlds of education by experiencing the challenges and advantages the girls are facing in each school system. Researched and filmed from binary cultural perspectives, the movie allows the viewer an in-depth view into the social reality of schools in Egypt and Germany.

This subjective documentary by a German-Egyptian team of first-time filmmakers Azza Guerges and Rebecca Korang was shot in the framework of the project “Demystifying Prejudice” that aims at shedding light “on social, cultural and economic issues in EU and MENA countries in order to expand perspectives on socio-cultural topics and realities and foster journalistic talent.”

Length: 33:14
Directors: Azza Guerges, Rebecca Korang
Editing & Production: Caram Kapp
Consultants: Elise Graton, Zeyad Salem, Bettina Kolb, Ezz- El- Bindary

This film was realized with the kind support of the Goethe Institutes Cairo and Alexandria, the Cultural Innovators Network, the Auswärtiges Amt Germany, artellewa Art Space and Tahrir Loung

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