Knowing is Sharing: Cultural Progress and Education

Education Square is proud to host the fourth event in our series, Knowing Is Sharing, with Prof. Sohier Al-Defrawy. She will present her findings from both her research and practice regarding development and its relation to education and culture.

Development depends on culture, as it represents society’s values, attitudes, beliefs, and ideas. Cultural aspects include discipline, hard work, and generosity. Education is the key factor in making these aspects at the hear of the development process. Our discussion will show varying routes to development in different countries (Ghana/ South Korea, Haiti/Barbados, Egypt/India). We will find out the most important cultural aspects and that led to development and progress in each of this situation, showing that culture is dynamic.

Prof. Sohier Al-Defrawy is a thinker and a writer in education. She founded the Culture and Education for Children and Families Organization. She is the author of Ana Wa Nahn (Us and I) which ingrains the value of the self in children and teach them life skills and manners. She also authored a lot of books about upbrining and equipping the youth for the job market. You check out Prof. Sohier Al-Defrawy’s Blog.

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