Knowing is Sharing: Critical Thinking in Work and Life

In our 3rd event in Knowing is Sharing, Both Education Square and Namaa for Sustainable Development are hosting a workshop by Prof. Salwa Kotb titled “Critical Thinking in Work and Life”, Hosted by Nahdet El-Mahrousa

In this workshop, Prof. Salwa will talk to us about:

  1. The concept of thinking
  2. most important thinking patterns
  3. most common faulty ways of thinking
  4. distinguishing between different patterns
  5. what’s critical thinking? its components and properties
  6. The difference between critical thinking and other types of thinking
  7. how to distinguish critical thinking?
  8. The importance of critical thinking?
  9. How to spot the critical thinker?
  10. the difference between constructive, and destructive criticism, and different types of feed back
  11. What are the obstacles for critical thinking?
  12. How to overcome these obstacles?
  13. Most important critical thinking skills and their applications
  14. ways to grow our critical thinking skills in work and life
  15. how to evaluate the employee’s critical thinking skills?
  16. 19 pieces of advice to provide constructive criticism 

Prof. Salwa Kotb got her PhD in educational psychology and her master in mental health from Ain Shams University. In both her theses, she researched critical thinking and its importance in improving our minds. Moreover, she trained a large number of students, graduates, and parents on personal, Managerial, educational skills


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