Compassion: Curriculum Learning

workshop about "compassion: curriculum learning"

Compassion: Curriculum Learning

Networking can’t only stay among educational organization, but also among those who are creating new methods of education to help you to develop and grow.

We all need to know and understand new ways to communicate our message fast and effectively. This includes all of us: individuals, community schools, schools, organizations, , homeschooling, educators, and teachers.

In El-Sawy Wheel, Prof, Ahmed Dabeie will be having his workshop “compassion: curriculum learning”. The goal of this workshop is to create a compassionate learning environment with all its forms so that the education process will turn from an exhaustive road into a rich, engaging experience. During our training, we will explore important tracks covering new perspective for reward and punishment, as well as understanding communication and education obstacles among children.

Check out Prof. Ahmed video about the concept of compassion.

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