Community Schools Meetup

صورة ملتقى المدارس المجتمعية

Community Schools Meetup

Education Square invites you to attend our community schools meetup where they will share their experience, their role in education, and the challenges they face.

Our guests : Educate me , Fard Charity, Sekem, ECESR

Who is community schools meetup for:

Everyone involved in community schools or interested in Egyptian education.

About Education Square:

It’s an integrated initiative with Qalb Kabeer NGO, ES started in 2013 to provide a hub for education practitioners in Egypt, those who work and have projects related to education, those who believe that education is not only given in schools and universities, and those who give creative solutions to create free and suitable educational environments.

About Qalb Kabeer

From its belief that the family is the most important unit in the civil society, Qalb Kabeer works since year 2005 on the development of the family members through supporting their psychological and social stability in addition to supporting its role in the social development. Besides, developing and supporting the educational institutions through motivating their pedagogical and psychological role which complements the family’s role. Follow them on Facebook.

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