Educational Entrepreneurs

About School For Educational Entrepreneurs

School for Educational Entrepreneurs 3-months journey that bring together proactive educators who are interested in enhancing and developing the status of education in Egypt. Through building a networking, supportive and knowledge-sharing environment.

The program seeks to provide its participants a holistic picture of the state of education in Egypt, helping them to see and identify the key projects/initiatives, trends, players, needs, issues and inspiring experiences on the educational map. The program also aims to equip the participants with the skills and values necessary for their journey as proactive educators leaving a transformative mark in their surroundings and transferring the learning they gained.0

Learning Journey

General Track
Track A: Education
Track B: Entrepreneurship
Graduation Ceremony

What objectives does the program seek to achieve?

  1. Portraying the educational roadmap in Egypt, highlighting key trends, projects/initiatives, players, needs, issues and inspiring experiences
  2. Providing participants with key skills necessary for their journey as educational leaders
  3. Creating a supportive environment to help participants develop their project or ideas
  4. Creating networking and collaboration opportunities among the different initiatives and participants
  5. Enabling knowledge sharing among the different actors in the field
  6. Providing toolkits for educators in Egypt that includes best practices and success stories

Who Can Participate

Individuals who work in education or who have initiatives for developing the state of education.


The curriculum focuses on four major themes: 

  1. The educator journey: identity and skills 
  2. The story of education in Egypt: context and reality of the field
  3. The science of it all: learning theories 
  4. Education change: innovative models and future trends