Education Square is a space for all who believe that education is holistic for mind, soul and body and for all who believe that children are always passionate about learning. We empower educators through knowledge and networking to change their societies.

What inspired us to start Education Square is that the large number of initiatives and educational organizations in Egypt that is providing education services for children and youth under 18 year who represents nearly 40% of the total population in Egypt, but there is a lack of a platform that supports practitioners in education and educational entrepreneurs to provide them knowledge and skills they need to learn along with sharing experiences with each other despite the passion they have.

For this reason, we started Education Square to build a community-based hub of practitioners in Egypt through trainings and seminars that balances between:

  • Trends and authenticity:
    Egypt has a rich heritage of culture, folksongs, local games and hand crafts which reflects on our services to blend between local cultures and global trends.
  • Theories and practice:
    To reduce the gap between the academia and practices in education, we present different perspectives with giving the space for research and application.
  • Formal and non-formal education:
    Educators in both fields are welcomed in our space; formal education (public and private schools) and non-formal education (educational initiatives, NGOs and corporations)

What do you want to know?

Our Core Values

Efficiency: We deliver the best upshot

Passion: We believe that what we do is our engine

Collaboration: Our power comes from doing things together

Creativity: We reach beyond the limits and work on earth

Diversity: We consider differences as harmony

What services do we offer?
  • School for Educational Entrepreneurs (SEE): capacity building program for education leaders. You can check it from here: SEE
  • Seminars and trainings: in education, pedagogy and educational entrepreneurship. Check out our latest events here: 
  • Newsletter: Announcing events, trainings, jobs, and volunteering opportunities in education. Subscribe now!
  • Education Library: Online and offline Library educator. Coming soon
What do we want to fix:

There’s an absence of a community-based network in Egypt that proves trainings, learning resources, and networking in education, pedagogy and education management aligned with Egypt’s rich culture and global practices and trends. As building community of educators who empower and reinforce knowledge, up-bringing, creativity and innovation for children and youth will bring-up solutions to hundreds of challenges and problems in our societies and will mobilize sustainable learning communities

Who is our target audience:

School teachers and facilitators: a teacher has a direct impact on children, she could be a supporter and an influencer or could be a destroyer.

Coordinators in educational organizations: management is essential in small and big organizations. The coordinator is responsible for managing and implementing the learning process of children in an indrect way in cooperation with other departments.

Educational entrepreneurs: Who establishes innovative sustainable models that provides education services for children.

What are our learning methods?
  • Workshops
  • Field visits
  • Case studies
  • Mentorships
  • Seminars
  • Moodle Online Classroom
  • Reflection Groups
  • Networking

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