Kalam Fl A’alam 2016

كلام في العلام 2016

Do you want to meet other initiatives and projects concerned with education in Egypt? Do you want to to build new partnerships or volunteer in an educational organization? Do you want to hear and share ideas and innovative solutions to pressing issues in education? Look no further than Kalam fl A’alam 2016 organized by Education Square.

About Kalam Fl A’alam

Kalam Fl A’alam or Talks in Education started in 2014 to become an open space where everyone interested in education and its future can meet. This year we have many educational initiatives and organizations sharing their projects, thoughts and perspectives. We will be hosting a number of seminars and workshops about the different methods of education, as well as the different educational approaches used in Egypt.

Kalam Fl A’alam 2016 Program

In addition to workshops, there is an exhibition for different educational initiatives and projects throughout the day,.

From 10:00 to 11:30
“The Art of Learning”  by Prof. kim Aboud.
“Is It Estimating, Correcting, or Assessing?” by Prof. Maha Hssan.

From 11:40 to 01:10
“Self-directed Education” by Nariman Moustafa.
“Online Education” by Moustafa Habib.

From 01:20 to 02:50
“Can we teach optimism?” by Prof. Fayrouz Omar.
“Creating a supportive environment for children” by Nadin Baraka.

From 03:00 to 04:00
Networking activity, by Dalia Saieed.
“Sob’ Sanaye’ ” by Hany Elgamal


Attendance in Kalam Fl A’alam is free of costs.

Who are the organizers?

This event is hosted by Education Square and Qalb Kebeer

About Education Square

Education Square is in partnership with Qalb Kebeer Association. Education Square started in 2013 to provide a platform for everyone interested in the status of education in Egypt. 

Education is a place for every believer that education isn’t exclusive to schools and universities and for every innovator trying to provide solutions to create educational spaces free and suitable to educators.

About Qalb Kebeer Association

Qalb Kebeer is a civil association established in 2005. It focuses on developing educational organizations and initiatives and re-invigorating its psychological and influential role. Qalb Kebeer is also concerned with developing the role of family in building people. Qalb Kebeer implements its educational and psychological programs in nearly all Egyptian cities. These include “Ana Kbert” for supporting teenagers, programs to prepare educators, and psychological support programs. Qalb Kebeer Association won the international Ashoka Award in social entrepreneurship, as well as the Pioneers of Egypt Award.