Compassion: Curriculum Learning

workshop about "compassion: curriculum learning"

Compassion: Curriculum Learning

Networking can’t only stay among educational organization, but also among those who are creating new methods of education to help you to develop and grow.

We all need to know and understand new ways to communicate our message fast and effectively. This includes all of us: individuals, community schools, schools, organizations, , homeschooling, educators, and teachers.

In El-Sawy Wheel, Prof, Ahmed Dabeie will be having his workshop “compassion: curriculum learning”. The goal of this workshop is to create a compassionate learning environment with all its forms so that the education process will turn from an exhaustive road into a rich, engaging experience. During our training, we will explore important tracks covering new perspective for reward and punishment, as well as understanding communication and education obstacles among children.

Check out Prof. Ahmed video about the concept of compassion.

Community Schools Meetup

صورة ملتقى المدارس المجتمعية

Community Schools Meetup

Education Square invites you to attend our community schools meetup where they will share their experience, their role in education, and the challenges they face.

Our guests : Educate me , Fard Charity, Sekem, ECESR

Who is community schools meetup for:

Everyone involved in community schools or interested in Egyptian education.

About Education Square:

It’s an integrated initiative with Qalb Kabeer NGO, ES started in 2013 to provide a hub for education practitioners in Egypt, those who work and have projects related to education, those who believe that education is not only given in schools and universities, and those who give creative solutions to create free and suitable educational environments.

About Qalb Kabeer

From its belief that the family is the most important unit in the civil society, Qalb Kabeer works since year 2005 on the development of the family members through supporting their psychological and social stability in addition to supporting its role in the social development. Besides, developing and supporting the educational institutions through motivating their pedagogical and psychological role which complements the family’s role. Follow them on Facebook.

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Networking in Education

Networking in Education event image

Networking in Education

In Partnership with Qalb Kabeer NGO,Education Sqaure is arranging Networking in Education to meet the initiatives and NGOs that are targeting the children and young people from the age of 4 to 18 in addition to individuals interested in education and/ or civil society.

The initiatives and NGOs that would attend the event are ADEF, ALwan We Awtar, Karakeeb, Reslaet Nour Ala Nour, Riada, Educate Me, Ihyaa Academy, Wonderlearn, Logic Club, Nile River School, CARE, Safarni, Sekem, Fakkar Bel Alwan, Karitas, Free Schools Egypt, Community School in Mansheyyet Naser, Waqe Tani, Beni, Befham, Wateneyya, Mido in the world of letters, Mini Mediina, Adli Rizkallah, Man Ahayaha, and Elcinema Elgawwala.

The purpose of this event is to know the needs of the initiatives and NGOs. We will think Together how to satistfy these needs and this will be by brainstorming all day, moreover, events will help Education Square to determine the objectives and acitvies during the next months.



Kalam Fl A’alam 2015 – a voice for education

فعاليات كلام في العلام 2015

Do you want to meet educational initiatives? Do you want to know the new educational projects in Egypt? Do you want to build new partnerships or volunteer in an educational organization? Do you want to share and listen to innovative ideas and solutions addressing Egypt’s educational issues?

Then Kalam Fl A’alam 2015 is for you!

Kalam Fl A’alam is a meetup that took place for the first time on June 2014, to be an open space that gathers education stakeholders. This year we’ll have NGOs and initiatives who will come to show their work, and open spaces for different sessions and workshops about different aspects related to education.

Movie Screening: No School for Children

no school for children (movie screening)

A documentary Shot in Cairo and Berlin in 2013, deals with the day-to-day reality of school education in Egypt and Germany. It documents the everyday experiences at school of the two young girls Yasmin and Lisa, who live in Egypt and Germany respectively. In doing so, the documentary discovers the different worlds of education by experiencing the challenges and advantages the girls are facing in each school system. Researched and filmed from binary cultural perspectives, the movie allows the viewer an in-depth view into the social reality of schools in Egypt and Germany.

This subjective documentary by a German-Egyptian team of first-time filmmakers Azza Guerges and Rebecca Korang was shot in the framework of the project “Demystifying Prejudice” that aims at shedding light “on social, cultural and economic issues in EU and MENA countries in order to expand perspectives on socio-cultural topics and realities and foster journalistic talent.”

Length: 33:14
Directors: Azza Guerges, Rebecca Korang
Editing & Production: Caram Kapp
Consultants: Elise Graton, Zeyad Salem, Bettina Kolb, Ezz- El- Bindary

This film was realized with the kind support of the Goethe Institutes Cairo and Alexandria, the Cultural Innovators Network, the Auswärtiges Amt Germany, artellewa Art Space and Tahrir Loung